Some genuine comments from satisfied customers

Adam - Evesham
Loads a fun learnin, many thanks.

Jack - Alcester
I looked forward to every lesson and cuppa before the test helped as well thanks

Jess - Salford Priors
made it all easy with explanations

Kimmie - Broom
Reference points and catchphrases worked a treat

Cathy - Stratford upon Avon

You put me at ease from the moment I got into the car, and were very patient with me and gave me the confidence to succeed. Thanks again

Dave - Bidford-on-Avon

it was your good constant motivation and guidance, and good possitive reference points that helped me through.

Katie – Bidford on Avon

Rob always gave me positive feedback, made lessons fun, always laughing.


Your little sayings (new road, new mirrors) really helped me when on my test..


The cup of tea before test really help get me relaxed before test..

RichSalford Priors

Your ability to keep me focused helped allot, many thanks..


You had confidence in me, and your relaxed teaching kept me at ease..


Many thanks; it still feels like a dream..

Richard - Inkberrow
thank you  for helping me achive my dream on first attempt.
Jack - Alcester
your reference points were simple an easy to understand...thanks again.  
Edward - Alcester
Your confidence in me helped a lot when it came the test. Reference points were easy to learn and use. You made me relaxed and we had a laugh every lesson. Thanks a lot!